I have been struggling with Parkinson's disease for approximately thirty years and have explored many treatments and modalities.  While effective, I found Richmond Rehab has a comprehensive regime for Parkinson's that produces amazing results.  They seem to go beyond where other modalities end.  I am also learning how to properly stand from a sitting position without falling.  I receive continuous treatment goals  and regular feedback on proper walking techniques.  The treatment is performed in a handicap accessible area with private treatment rooms.  I rate Richmond Rehab excellent.

Joseph Amodeo, author of My Moments of Hope

To Richmond Rehabilitation's therapists and the friendly and knowledgeable staff, Physical therapy is more than applying electric stimulation and Ultrasound.  They are concerned therapists who are genuinely interested in their clients' well being.  Their expertise in range-of-motion stretching and massage have been a great help to my back and rotator cuff issues.  Although their office boasts modern machines, they also instruct their clients in the use of an array of effective therapeutic exercises that can be done at home to further expedite the healing process.  I've been to other PT's but none can compare to the level of skill and caring of Richmond Rehab. 

Emily Gaspare

Richard Orsini’s dedication to the PT profession has established him as a prominent member of NYPT community. His commitment to his patients and profession go beyond the clinic. Rich is the NYS Federal Affairs Liaison for The APTA.  He is a former Chairman and current board member of the AIPT. He is the Medicare Chairman for The Council of Licensed Physiotherapists.  Through these associations Rich is a leading advocate for patients’ rights and the physical therapy profession.  Richard Orsini, PT graduated from the NYU PT program in 1994 and has been in private practice since 1999. He specializes in manual therapy, electro acupressure and industrial rehabilitation.  

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Larry Codner graduated NYU in 1994 which is associated with NYU hospital and the world renowned Rusk institute of Rehabilitation. After treating patients for over 20 years Larry realizes the best way to heal patients is to know them well. Treating patients with similar diagnoses may require motivation and encouragement or discipline and restraint. Some may have the goal of returning to football and cross fit while others want to care for an elderly spouse safely. Larry is on the forefront of healthcare as an advocate for his patients. He advocates for his patients at the state and federal level voicing their concerns to the politicians for the last 15 years. His goal is to make a healthier community for all of us through education, exercise and treatment in an atmosphere that is welcoming and fun. 

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Our all-new gym and private treatment rooms are designed to create a soothing, stress free environment.  Comforting surroundings are essential for patients experiencing severe pain or going through a difficult rehabilitation.  Our goal is to make you feel at home throughout your time with us.

What We Do

Richmond Rehabilitation is a full service physical therapy facility complete with private treatment rooms and full gym. Our spinal decompression treatment alleviates radiating pain and helps to restore freedom of movement.  We provide one-on-one pain relief and general rehabilitation services for people of all ages and tailor personal rehab programs to address your specific needs.  Give us a call to find out more.   

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